Jan 11, 2016

Sinningia "MG's Painted Orange"

Sinningia "MG's Painted Orange"
 Hybridizer: Michaela ?



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  2. Доброго дня! Підкажіть, будь-ласка, чи можна придбати нижченаведені квіти у стані черенків або клубнів?

    Sinningia "SimSim Chunga-Changa"
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    Sinningia "MG's Painted Orange"
    Sinningia "Miami Blues"
    Sinningia "SRG's Lime and Berry"
    Sinningia "Gabriel's Horn"
    Sinningia SRG's Blue Diamond
    Sinningia Ugly Girl

  3. She`s one of my favorite hybrid ;-)
    I`m so glad that you kept how I named this beauty,she blooms perfect to you!!!... Thank You !! I admire your blog,your sinningia all... manny hugs from me!!